Green pool recovery service

By neglecting your pool during the colder months, you run the risk of it turning green or even black.

When the weather starts heating up again, pool owners want to use their pool again and will quickly reach for help to solve the problem. From equipment failure to general pool neglect, once a pool has turned green it can be tough to bring back. If you’ve unfortunately inherited this problem, there is something you can do — call the team at Aus Pool Care.

We can get your swimming pool back to crystal clear, safe swimming conditions.

What causes the pool to turn green?

There are a variety of reasons why your
swimming pool might turn green.

The most common is a lack of free chlorine or an incorrect chemical balance. To the untrained eye, a green swimming pool may not seem like a cause for concern. But to the team at Aus Pool Care, we know that algae and bacteria have started to take over, and the pool is now very unsafe to swim in. A pool that is just slightly green can quickly turn much worse.

If it is left untreated, the pool water will very quickly become cloudy and dark as the algae take over. Depending on the specific case, a dark green pool could then turn black.

Green pool treatment process

Depending on the condition of your pool,
we may be able to recover it over just a few visits.

During the first visit, we will inspect your pool to ensure we can go ahead with a green pool treatment or whether a full drain and clean is required. The first step in treating the water is to apply the necessary chemicals to kill the live algae and bacteria. On the second visit, we remove the sunken algae and clean out any other debris.

Once your pool is cleared of algae and has undergone a thorough clean, we’ll test the chemical levels and add any additional products to ensure your pool is safe for swimming again.

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