Reliable pool repairs Melbourne wide

Any damage to your swimming pool or equipment should be inspected as soon
as you notice it.

At Aus Pool Care, we offer a comprehensive pool repair Melbourne service for all your swimming pool equipment. We can repair pumps, filters, chlorinators, automatic cleaners and most other swimming pool equipment. Allow our team of professionals to take care of everything quickly and efficiently to get your pool back in useable condition. Have you noticed any signs of damage to your pool and pool equipment?

For reliable pool repairs Melbourne wide, call the Aus Pool Care team on 0421 825 036.

Making your pool safe for swimming

Our pool repair service deals with all aspects of your pool and its performance.

Cracks, chips and even regular wear and tear can impact on your enjoyment of your pool. A damaged or worn pool interior increases your pool maintenance expenses and can cause expensive chemicals to be lost. A damaged pool interior puts you, your friends, and family at risk of cuts and abrasions while swimming, making it a less than fun place to enjoy some leisure time.

We understand the importance of high-quality work completed promptly, and you can trust Aus Pool Care to get the job done right. Rest assured we take our repair services seriously and make every effort to ensure your satisfaction.

Swimming pool leak repairs

A small pool leak can quickly become a big problem.

Your swimming pool contains thousands of litres of water that could cause significant damage to your house, property and may even affect your neighbours if it begins to leak. Even a small leak can turn into a giant and costly leak very quickly. Pool leaks will typically get worse over time, and if not checked, may undermine the pool’s sand base and foundations. Aus Pool Care can rescue your pool by repairing any cracks, tiles or rust. We have extensive experience in swimming pool repairs, and once the source of the leak is found, we’ll provide you with an estimate to repair the leak. In many cases, we’re able to make the repair during our initial visit.

Get your pool ready for summer!

Don’t be left without a swimming pool in
the scorching hot summer weather.

If something is not operating correctly, your motors are have become noisy, or your tiling is damaged, contact Aus Pool Care for expert pool repairs. We may be able to offer you a solution or solve the problem with free, honest and professional advice over the phone. If the problem still can’t solved, we’ll be happy to arrange a time to come and attend the situation in person.

Give the Aus Pool Care team a call today so that you can enjoy relief from the heat in a clean, safe swimming pool.

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